27 June 2011

The design of the blog...

By definition, an armchair philosopher is someone who is not formally trained in the field of philosophy. He/she merely likes to reflect upon the philosophical questions, and pass judgements based on his/her understanding. However, the term can be generally applied to anyone who simply argues on any topic, but is an expert in none of them. Since I am going to do a lot of that here, the title of the blog, I think, is aptly chosen.

I especially like the rain droplets on the blog. Thanks to blogger.com for providing such a theme . Who doesn't like to just sit at home on a dim rainy day with a cup coffee and without a cause for worry, and ponder over all kinds of things. The rain theme, therefore, complements the title. I chose the font colors accordingly. It is strange how many writers choose rain for a cold, dark and gloomy setting. I personally think rain is a great excuse to escape work,  a good reason to convince friends that you cant go to a party with them, and a suitable climate to just lie down and enjoy the solitude. The droplets and the fog on the windows of your room create a perfect ambience to comfortably lie on the couch, and leave all the worries for another day. Reading children's stories, with all those happy endings, in such a setting appeals to me greatly; and I am sure some people feel the same.

So that's it, I guess, for my first post. Just checking whether blogging suits me....This is Abhinav signing off for today...

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